Friday, February 17, 2017

Electromagnetic Simulation and the future of aircraft design: A conversation with Marco Kunze

Marco Kunze is gearing up to present at the 2017 Workshop on Aircraft System Technologies (AST 2017) on February 22nd in Hamburg, Germany.  While there are many applications for EM Simulation in aircraft system development, the market has yet to adopt EM simulation as a standard practice. Marco talked to us about the future of simulation in this space and about the clear benefits it offers aircraft designers.

The program at the AST Workshop includes multiple presentations on Electromagnetic Comparability (EMC). Marco’s talk, “Electromagnetic Simulations to Complete Aircraft Testing” will address the vast potential for EM Simulation to improve the aircraft prototyping and testing process by offering accurate simulations of potential issues like lightning, EMP and HIRF. Marco stressed the importance of being able to simulate the interior of an aircraft, where EMI can affect the functioning of electronics. The Interference Task is especially good for calculating interference to electronic and RF systems. CST STUDIO SUITE is capable of simulating a wide range of EM effects quickly and accurately, potentially cutting down on the number of prototypes needed for the testing process.
The process, Marco says is simple:
“An engineer starts with a digital mockup of the aircraft with the Pure CAD and Material parameters. Then CST STUDIO SUITE enables them to run an electrostatic simulation for lightning attachment, and then a full-wave 3D simulation.”

After the simulation has been generated, CST STUDIO SUITE provides a visually informative image of the EM fields in and around an aircraft. Marco mentioned the potential for these visualisations down the line.
With the introduction of augmented and virtual reality, these visualizations will be able to be accessed in ever more interesting and useful ways as engineers and designers optimize aircraft.”

Composite materials are increasingly being used in aircraft production so we asked what the EMC consequences of that are. Marco responded, "The move away from aluminum means aircraft can be lighter, but it also means the aircraft is less conductive and that has consequences. Composite materials offer less shielding from environmental EM, whether radar or lightning strikes. CST can model complex multilayer materials efficiently, making it possible to simulate these new materials accurately. The calculated power loss in the materials can then be used in a multiphysics simulation in order to investigate thermal effects during a lightning strike." 

CST STUDIO SUITE also allows for the accurate simulation of the small details on a plane. "Potential weak points, such as seams and holes can be simulated with compact models, which provide accurate results with less computational effort and an engineer can visualize how fields propagate through them."
CST also has the capability to simulate complex cable networks in CST CABLE STUDIO. These can be included in the aircraft model with hybrid simulation.

To learn more, check out the AST 2017 site.

CST will also be hosting a workshop on Aerospace on April 26th, 2017 in Darmstadt. If this has piqued your interest in EM Simulation for aircraft, we encourage you to join us and continue to learn about this exciting industry. Registration is now open.

Monday, February 13, 2017

What's on this week February 13-19


February 16th 2017

This live webinar will feature CST’s powerful new tool for generating passive, causal models for SPICE simulation from S-parameter data.
Join us and explore broadband macromodeling with IdEm


Microwave and Antenna Training (Italian)
14th - 15th February 2017

Treviglio (BG), Italy

CST MWS training will cover the following topics

  • Basic and advanced parametric modeling
  • CAD import and parameterization
  • Solver overview and help overview
  • MW / RF applications using different solvers
  • Antenna simulations including detailed farfield postprocessing
  • Antenna matching network in CST DESIGN STUDIO™
  • Performance tuning and meshing
  • Hybrid Simulation using SAM Field Source Coupling
  • Template-based postprocessing
  • Thermal co-simulation
  • Customer specific questions and discussion (please send your models in advance)
This course is available exclusively to CST MWS customers. Lunch and refreshments will be included.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Getting Ahead webinar series is back for 2017!

Later today, we will kick off our popular "Getting Ahead with..." webinar series. This series aims to present technical material in an approachable, tutorial-style webinar.
Designed to help our customers and interested engineers make the most of the CST software packages, this series of webinars will cover how to work effectively and efficiently with CST tools and those of its partners Magus (Pty) Ltd., IdemWORKS and Aurorasat.

Beneficial for both experienced users and curious engineers looking to simplify design tasks, these webinars will present workflows for common design challenges using clear examples provided by our expert presenters.

This year's webinars are:

We invite you to register today and join us live to explore the potential of CST tools. 

For more information, see our website.

Monday, February 6, 2017

What's on this week: February 6-12 2017

This week, CST is offering training opportunities across Europe. If you are interested in attending one of our training sessions to improve your performance with CST STUDIO SUITE® check out all of our upcoming courses and register today.


CST STUDIO SUITE - Low-Frequency Training
7th February 2017

Darmstadt, Germany

Develop your skills in CST EM STUDIO® (CST EMS), a CST® software package of CST STUDIO SUITE® dedicated to electromagnetic simulation of low-frequency and static applications.

CST STUDIO SUITE - Microwave and Antenna Training
7th - 8th February 2017
Nottingham, United Kingdom

The full CST STUDIO SUITE Microwave & Antenna Training course consists of 2 full days. It is helpful to be familiar with the Getting Started manual. The training course is focused on modeling and solver overview, and concentrates on antenna simulation.

CST STUDIO SUITE - Microwave and Antenna Training
7th - 8th February 2017
Darmstadt, Germany

CST STUDIO SUITE - EDA / Signal Integrity Training
7th - 8th February 2017
Darmstadt, Germany

Develop your potential with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS®) and CST PCB STUDIO® (CST PCBS®), CST® software packages of CST STUDIO SUITE® solvers dedicated to electromagnetic simulation of electronic devices.


De la simulation à la mesure
CST et Rohde & Schwarz (French)
7th February 2017
Talence, France

Durant une journée, CST® et Rohde & Schwarz vous invitent à participer au séminaire "De la simulation à la mesure", à l’IMS, 351 Cours de la Libération à Talence, le 7 Février 2017.

Cet évènement a pour but de vous donner la méthode à suivre pour atteindre une simulation conforme à la réalité, ainsi que les précautions à prendre pour obtenir une mesure précise sur analyseur de réseau vectoriel.

A l’issue des présentations théoriques, les participants pourront utiliser le logiciel CST STUDIO SUITE® 2016 et réaliser des mesures sur la nouvelle famille d’analyseurs de réseaux vectoriels Rohde & Schwarz (ZNB – ZNC – ZND).

Les équipes de CST et de Rohde & Schwarz se tiendront à votre disposition pour échanger sur vos questions techniques.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Five organizations to follow that support women in engineering.

The electrical engineering industry in Germany has the lowest rates of female participation in the country and so CST is keenly aware of the importance of supporting the education and retention of women in engineering. Currently, women engineers represent 10.9% of our engineering staff. The German average is only 7.2% and we hope to continue to grow our representation. CST has a strong record of providing flexibility to working mothers and so far all of our mothers have returned from maternity leave and not faced any kind of career interruption. These policies are critical for ongoing representation in our staff and in leadership roles.
We have had the honor of participating in Girl's Day, a fantastic initiative supported by the German government which brings young girls into professional science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) environments. That got us thinking about some of the other organizations which are doing important work supporting women in engineering. Engineering as a discipline will benefit from the inclusion of women and other minorities that have historically underrepresented. The data has shown that conclusively and we look forward to what the future has in store for engineering.

1. IEEE Women in Engineering

IEEE WIE provides a network for women in engineering and science.Their mission is to facilitate the recruitment and retention of women in technical fields.
 They give awards for outstanding achievements and facilitate programs that promote the entry and retention of women in Engineering programs. Maybe most importantly, they facilitate the creation of communities for women to network and support each other in a male dominated field. We recently interviewed prominent WIE member and supporter Helen Duncan.

How to support WIE: 

-Join- engineers of all genders are welcome to join.
-Attend and encourage your coworkers to attend the Women in Engineering leadership conference. 

Learn more about WIE here

 2. Girl's Day 
While there are organizations across the globe which bring girls into professional STEM environments, the German one is close to our hearts here at CST. We last participated in 2015- you can read all about that here. That year the organization facilitated visits for 10,000 girls to 3,000 companies across Germany. It is crucial to encourage girls to explore STEM fields while they are still young, before societal expectations shape their perception of what they can do. 

How to support Girls Day:
-Locate a Girls Day in your country. Here's a list of corresponding days across the globe.
Register your organization to be a host. Don't worry, Girls Day provides lots of guidance to help you put together a fun, educational program.
-Talk to your kids' school to ask if they participate and if they do, how you can help

3. Women of Color in STEM Conference
The WoC in STEM conference provides an opportunity for minority women to connect with each other, attend workshops and find mentors. Every year, awards are given for outstanding research and leadership contributions.

How you can support theWoC in STEM Conference:

-Follow their Facebook page and share their profiles of women who are leaders in STEM.
-Spread the word about the conference, particularly to university programs.

-Nominate outstanding minority women in your company for WoC Awards.

Learn more here

4.National Girl's Collaborative Project
The National Girls Collaborative Project is a large network of individuals, programs, and organizations sharing resources and collaborating to better engage girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). They also offer mini-grants to girl-serving STEM-focused programs. NGCP operates internationally as the Global Girls Collaborative Project.                                                                                                                               How to support NGCP:                                                                    - Get involved with your local collaborative organizations. These range from robotics teams, free after school programs to camps and conferences for girls from primary school to university.

5. International Women in Engineering Day
The idea behind National Women in Engineering Day is to encourage all groups (Governmental, educational, corporate, Professional Engineering Institutions, individuals and other organisations) to organise their own events in support of the day, and link them together for maximum impact.

How to support INWED:

-Attend or host an INWED event.
-Volunteer to become a mentor and pass on your experience to other women.
-Celebrate being an engineer - tweet about what you do and tell your friends using #INWED17

Monday, January 30, 2017

What's on this week. Jan 30-Feb 5 2017

This week CST is busy! We will be exhibiting around the globe, offering training and looking forward to our Getting Ahead of... Webinar Series.


DesignCon 2017

January 31st-February 2nd

Santa Clara, CA, United States

DesignCon, the premier conference for chip, board, and systems design engineers; returns to Silicon Valley for its 22nd year. DesignCon serves the high-speed communications and semiconductor communities offering state-of-the-art design methodologies, applications, technologies, and unparalleled networking opportunities.
Taking place annually, DesignCon remains the largest gathering of chip, board, and systems designers in the country. Combining technical paper sessions, tutorials, industry panels, product demos, and exhibits; DesignCon brings engineers the latest theories, methodologies, techniques, applications, and demonstrations on PCB design tools, power and signal integrity, jitter and crosstalk, high-speed serial design, test and measurement tools, parallel and memory interface design, ICs, semiconductor components, and more.

CST presentations:

"Can Flexible PCBS carry High Density DDR4 Signals?" 
Date: Wednesday, February 1 
Time: 4:00pm - 4:45pm 
Details about the presentation can be found here.

"Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic Interference Modeling of Smart Watch Wearable Device Using Structural and Electromagnetic Co-Design Methodologies" 
Date: Thursday, February 2 
Time: 8:00am - 8:45am 
Details about the presentation can be found here.

Visit us at booth #627

SPIE Photonics West 2017 
January 31st-February 2nd
San Francisco, CA, United States

SPIE Photonics West is one of the world's largest multidisciplinary event focusing on photonics technologies. Every year over 20,000 people come to hear the latest research and find the latest devices and systems driving technology markets including state-of-the art medical technologies, the Internet of things, smart manufacturing and “Industry 4.0,” autonomous vehicles, scientific research, communications, displays, and other solutions powered by photonics. With more than 1,300 companies, its exhibition continues to be the flagship event to find the latest products, tools, and applications for your research or business needs.

Visit us at booth #2614

13. Kooperationsforum 
31st Jan 2017
Nuremberg, Germany
The co-operation forum will discuss current trends from PCB technology, such as power packaging, embedding, chip-on-chip and increasing miniaturization, especially with respect to cooling and reliability. The contribution of PCBs to digitalization will be shown with real examples from the automotive, medical and engineering industries. The accompanying exhibition is an ideal meeting place for continuing discussions and targeted networking.

JOURNÉES SCIENTIFIQUES DE L'URSI - Radiosciences au service de l’humanité
1st - 3rd February 2017

The URSI-France 2017 Workshop, under the sponsorship of the French Academy of Sciences, will be dedicated to “Radio Science for Humanity”.

A wide spectrum of areas will be covered, including waves and electromagnetic fields, both from the point of view of metrology and theory, spread, modelling, etc., and communications systems together with their applications. We will also address environmental electromagnetic propagation, both global (surface and subsurface), ionospheric or through matter in particular plasma and radio astronomy. Electromagnetism in biology and medicine will also be included.

CST Presentation: "Characteristic Modal Analysis with CST MWS" - Dr. Hassan CHREIM

Date: 01.02.2017 

Sophia-Antipolis, France

Antennas, Propagation & RF Technology for Transport and Autonomous Platforms 
2nd Feb 2017
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Intelligent transport systems critically depend on wireless communication, sensing and navigation to and between mobile platforms, as well as mobile platforms and fixed infrastructure. Such platforms span automotive systems, railway systems, and aeronautical and maritime systems and typically operate from the VHF to the mm-wave bands. Recent technological developments such as cooperative communications, autonomous vehicles such as the Google Car, the introduction of the European Rail Traffic Management System, the potential for exploiting TV white spectrum, etc., have created new antenna design constraints, antenna in-service performance demands, and necessitate the characterisation of radio propagation channels in hitherto unexplored environments and/or frequency bands.

2nd February 2017

HSPICE is the industry's "gold standard" for accurate circuit simulation, offering foundry-certified semiconductor device models with state-of-the-art simulation and analysis algorithms. The Synopsys HSPICE special interest group (SIG) is an active community for all HSPICE users and design engineers who want to stay connected with the latest developments in the field of circuit simulation. This year, the SIG presentations will focus on challenges and solutions for FinFET circuit analysis and verification to ensure design robustness. Experts from a number of industry-leading companies will share their experience on transistor-, block-, and package-level design.

Santa Clara, United States


Demystifying EMC
Reading, United Kingdom
January 30th 2017

Demystifying EMC 2017 is about delivering high quality, free of charge training to industry and we are thrilled to have attracted a who’s who of UK EMC that share this concept. As with the previous event there will be room in the day to network with peers and speak with industry experts. If you have an EMC challenge, want to brush up on your knowledge or are venturing into the topic for the first time this event will cater to you.


Vector Network Analyzer - Measurement Training

Dolni Brezany, Czech Republic
January 31st-February 1st

The training class will cover the following topics

  • Scalar and vector measurement
  • Random and systematic errors
  • VNA architecture and channel setup parameters (Npts, RBW, Pwr)
  • 1-port calibration techniques (OSM, SSS, SOS)
  • 2(N)-port Calibration techniques (TOSM, UOSM, TRL, NIST mTRL)
  • Verification of the calibration
  • Calkit design
  • Extraction of substrate complex permittivity using automatic macro
  • Extraction of hybrid SMD model
  • Comparison between simulation and measurement

This course is available exclusively to CST customers. Lunch and refreshments will be included.


Durant une journée, CST® et Rohde & Schwarz vous invitent à participer au séminaire "De la simulation à la mesure", à l’hôtel Novotel Pont de l’Arc d’Aix en Provence, le 2 Février 2017.

Cet évènement a pour but de vous donner la méthode à suivre pour atteindre une simulation conforme à la réalité, ainsi que les précautions à prendre pour obtenir une mesure précise sur analyseur de réseau vectoriel.

À l’issue des présentations théoriques, les participants pourront utiliser le logiciel CST STUDIO SUITE® 2016 et réaliser des mesures sur la nouvelle famille d’analyseurs de réseaux vectoriels Rohde & Schwarz (ZNB – ZNC – ZND).

Les équipes de CST et de Rohde & Schwarz se tiendront à votre disposition pour échanger sur vos questions techniques.

Aix-en-Provence, France

Monday, January 23, 2017

What's on this week- Jan 23-29 2017

It's a quiet week here at CST, we are getting ready for a big week next week with the launch of our Getting Ahead webinar series and some exciting exhibitions!


Toward 5G Mobile
January 25th 2017
London, United Kingdom

Mobile and fixed networks have reached a point of unprecedented change as each attempt to meet the insatiable demand for data that is essentially driven by smart phones and tablets. In order to meet the huge demand for increasing capacity, ubiquitous super-fast connectivity and seamless service delivery several major leaps in technology development are needed. Hence a number of research initiatives on 5G wireless technology have been launched around the world recently including the 5G PPP an EU-funded collaborative industry-led research totalling €1.4 Billion. Also frequency regulation and standardization activities will be launched very soon for the next generation standard. The event provides a valuable opportunity to meet and interact with the 5G drivers in terms of wireless industry, players, researchers and stakeholders.


This week, join us in Massy, France for a two-day CST STUDIO SUITE - EMC/EMI Training 
24th - 25th Jan 2017

The CST MWS EMC/EMI training class will cover the following topics

  • CAD import + healing + simplification for EM analysis
  • Geometry modeling, variables and parametric sweeps
  • Definition of materials, thin panels, conductive coatings, absorbers
  • Antenna modeling, ports, s-parameters and far-field calculation
  • External plane wave sources and internal noise sources
  • Meshing and boundary conditions
  • Cable modeling (shielded cables, twisted pairs)
  • Compact aperture models (slots, seams, vents)
  • Incorporating lumped component circuits into the simulation
  • Post processing and field/current visualization
  • Shielding effectiveness calculation
  • Emissions and immunity analysis
  • Decomposing models using Near-field sources (optional workflow)
  • Susceptibility (optional workflow)
  • Lightning (optional workflow)
  • Efficient cable simulation and extraction of transfer impedance (optional workflow)
  • ESD analysis (optional workflow)
  • Customer specific questions and discussion (please send your models in advance)

This course is available exclusively to CST customers. Lunch and refreshments will be included.

There is a registration deadline one week prior to the training class and subject to availability. To apply register online.